The Dougie Simpson





Gospel Soul!

 Dougie was born in Bedstuy Brooklyn at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital and grew up on the borderline of "Crown Heights & East Flatbush which boasts the largest Caribbean population in the US! His musical beginnings started in the Boys Choir at The Church of St. Marks enjoying the Episcopalians hymns and singing in harmony with the other choir members.

Dougie’s mother, the late Merle Emmeline Christian Simpson, was his first fan and “discovered me as a “singer,” when she discovered I had great pitch and that I could harmonize, while she was cooking rice and peas, and curry goat. She promptly took him to the boy’s Choir Director at their church The Church of St. Marks. Dougie comes from a family of gospel singers and would sing with the church choir at St. Johns Anglican Church as a youth on summer visits to the family hometown in St. Croix.


The 80's

  • 1985 -  Dougie founded and formed the Idren Posse became popular locally and on the college circuit. He first great opportunity came when Idren Posse opened for "Alexander O'Neill" at the former R.K.O. Palace in Downtown Columbus, Ohio in 1987 to a positive response.
  • 1988 - Dougie formed Root Express who was also popular locally and on the college circuit.
  • 1989 - Dougie recorded his first record, the LP Rumors featuring Worthy of the Lamb, which can be found on his Youtube channel Dougie Simpson Reggae, on his label Chilly Pepper.
  • The featured lead singer with Natty Roots, Addis, The Ark Bank, The New Identity, Mystic Force, and Nusonics – a compilation of Columbus Reggae musicians who performed at the annual “A Christmas Tour" throughout the Midwest.


THE 90'S

1990 - Began working with Harmony Sound Systems out of Cleveland doing Dub Plates a “gig” where a sound engineer hires a singer to sing and compose jingles to advertise their sounds system

1993 - Formed the Dougie Simpson & The Surge Band who played throughout the Midwest.

1994 - Founded Dougie Simpson & Mega Fresh

1997 - Featured singer with Dub Enforcement Agency

1998 - Released an EP Faith with R.E.N. sound labs.

1999 - Joined The Flex Crew, sharing the stage with Damon Bridge Arterbridge, Ras Baraka Ben Levi/ Pupa D, “DeTree D’z”. The group still performs together when schedules allow.


THE 2000'S

  • 2000 - Honored Artist at the Hot Times Festival in Columbus, Ohio where he had played for years in his then neighborhood of 20 years.
  • 2004 - Released EP Genuine Heartical
  • 2010 - Released singles Me NA Rate Dem and Tribal War and People A Go Talk.
  • 2011 - Released the single Seven and performed with Flex at Chicago’s Wild Hare, made famous in the movie Love Jones.
  • 2012-2013 - Started singing on sound systems, notably ”Skarob” sound system with Doctah X and Fundamental Sound Systems.
  • 2015 - Perform in his native, New York City. Opened act for Lee“Scratch” Perry & The Brooklyn Bowl Performed at the “The Delancy” with the Deadly Dragon Massive
  • Performed in Philadelphia for a spirited, strong and well received audience.
  • Recorded on 3 of Hoboken HI Fis’ , Ridims LP’s in Secaucus, N.J.
  • 2016 - Dougie wrote and recorded a Dub Plate for Dubstuy and was invited to perform at Dubstuy annual event in Brooklyn;
  • 2017 - Released Two are better than One, the first single on his upcoming album A Souljahz Chants.
  • When he was asked about his music and lyrics content the artist states…

“I write about love and spirituality. Two of the best things in life…….Yes, Steamy Lovers Rock” sprinkled with “Social Commentary”, themes, and experiences that most can identify with."


Current Situation

People A-Go-Talk...Feel Free To Talk About ME!

Dougie’s delivery has been compared and categories as the Jamaican singing styles made popular by Dennis Brown, Frankie Paul, Lucianoe “Bushman”.  But Simpson will not be categorized or “put in a box”.   He has his own style and avenues of expression that emanate from within.

Musical Influences Include Luther Vandross, Young Michael Jackson, Dennis Brown, Frankie Paul, Beres Hammond, Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and the old R&B groups of the 60s, 70s, and 90s.